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ELZ1kW PEM Electrolyzer MEA Tester

ELZ1kW PEM Electrolyzer MEA Tester

ELZ1kW electrolyzer test bench can be used for testing 1kW PEM electrolyzer MEA. This station can control the flow, pressure and temperature of the anode and cathode of the electrolyzer and simulate the working condition, and collect various data of it.

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Basic Functions

● Anode (cathode) DI water flow and pressure control
● Gas production rate and concentration measurement
● Stack temperature control
● Water supply conductivity & level control
● Exhaust water recovery and amount/content test
● Pressure regulation at high pressure during flow rate shift
● Electrolyzer work condition simulation and performance test
● Cell Voltage Monitoring
● Intrinsic safety & alarming system
● HMI with Data Acquisition & Analysis
● 24/7 Unattended Operation

Optional Functions

● Cell Hardware
● Pressure Boost
● H2 Mix
● Gas Analyze
● Dual Coolant
● High Accuracy Power Supply

Technical Parameters

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