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EOL200 PEM Fuel Cell Stack Activation Station

EOL200 PEM Fuel Cell Stack Activation Station

The EOL series is tailored to meet customer requirements, focusing on enhancing the activation speed, stability, and consistency of the stack. The test station controls the flow, pressure, temperature, and humidity of the anode, cathode, and cooling loops of a fuel cell, simulating operational conditions while performing real time data aquisition. The test station's control system is Industry 4.0 ready and can seamlessly integrate with MES and SCADA control systems of the user's factory or laboratory. With its dual stack configuration mode, it accelerates testing efficiency and throughput.

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Basic Functions

● Anode/Cathode Flow Rate, Stoich, Temperature, ● Humidity and Pressure Control
● Dry/Wet Gas Switching
● Estop and Manual Nitrogen Purge
● Stack Fast Set Up/Disconnection
● Rapid Heating and Humidification of The Stack
● Stack Activation
● Integrated Online Leak Test
● Polarization Curves and Other Functional Tests
● Cell Voltage Monitoring
● Intrinsic Safety & Alarming System
● HMI with Data Acquisition & Analysis
● 24/7 Unattended Operation

Optional Functions

●Rapid Humid
●Dynamic Pressure

Technical Parameters

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