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ORIGIN-E Cell Hardware

ORIGIN-E Cell Hardware

The Origin PEM Electrolyzer stack is a proton exchange membrane (PEM) cell hardware system with lower voltage and higher efficiency, energy savings, durability, and environmental protection for use in research and industrial applications.

The cell hardware system is an expandable and robust development tool using well established materials, techniques and rapid assembly features. This makes it ideal for MEA sample screening, research and development and education purposes.

In short stack configurations, it can be utilized for advanced system testing.

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● Lab experiment and teaching
● Lab analytic instrument
● Hydrogen supply for fuel cell
● Redundant renewable energy transformation and storage


● No tool assembly and disassembly
● Single cell – upgradeable to as many as 20 cell stacks by purchasing additional cells
● Provided with advanced coating technologies for low voltage operation, high durability and corrosion resistance
● Electric end plate heating kit available
● Operation temperature up to 90 degrees
● Provided with standard fitting sets. Either metric or imperial / English fittings can be provided, and spare fittings can be provided
● Multichannel single pass, semi-co flow design. Customized channel designs available by request
● High hydrogen purity
● Low electrolyzer cell resistance
● Low power consumption and high electrolysis efficiency

Technical Parameters

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