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PM100W PEM Fuel Cell MEA Tester

PM100W PEM Fuel Cell MEA Tester

The PM100W fuel cell test station is designed for the development and research of the 100W PEM fuel cell MEA . This station is capable of controlling the flow, pressure, temperature, and humidity of the anode, cathode, and cooling loops of a fuel cell stack. It simulates operational conditions and collects comprehensive data from the stack.

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Basic Functions

● Anode/Cathode Flow Rate, Stoich, Temperature, Humidity and Pressure Control
● Dry/Wet Gas Switching
● Estop and Manual Nitrogen Purge
● Rapid Heating and Humidification of The Stack
● Polarization Curves and Other Functional Tests
● Cell Voltage Monitoring
● Intrinsic Safety & Alarming System
● HMI with Data Acquisition & Analysis
● 24/7 Unattended Operation
● End Plate Heating

Optional Functions

● Cell Hardware
● 0V Operation
● Cell Reverse

Technical Parameters

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